Homework, but make it French.

Martin Lopez Melendez
October 25, 2021

Taking the right classes during study abroad is a big plus that adds a lot to your experience. So far the course load has not been anything that I can’t handle. There are times in which I need to dedicate a little extra time because, of course, I am doing my homework in an entirely different language, but everything is totally doable. 

In the beginning when we had to choose a course, I had selected classes that I was more familiar with since they related to my major, but when I got here all of that changed. Now, I am taking some courses that do not relate to anything I’ve taken before—that has probably been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I decided to take a course about the history of France and another one about the relationship between francophone Africa and France. I absolutely love these two classes because I am learning so much and because I am coming to the realization that I love history. Moreover, I am learning so much about the country I am currently living in which has a huge impact on your experience. It’s such a flex to know the story behind the metro stops’ names or know where Louis XVI got decapitated. I highly recommend taking a course on the history of your host country, it truly makes a difference, you won't regret it. 

When it comes to course difficulty and workload, I would say that it will highly depend on you. If you pay attention in class, those tests are going to be hard to pass. But you are in Paris, do you have time to do your homework with all the exploring around and vice versa? Yes!! You do, it’s just a matter of creating a schedule and being productive. Also, just a friendly reminder that procrastination is not your bestie… Even though we love her, she is not something you wanna have in Paris. Trust me, you don’t want to be studying for a test at 2am after you just came from a party. If you get your work done and are productive you will have so much free time. 

One last thing I want to talk about is the style of learning. Indeed, it is totally different from what we are used to, especially if you take a course with one of the partner universities (which I highly recommend). Again, there is nothing to be stressed about, it’s just an opportunity to learn a new system and allow yourself to have a couple of cultural shocks. At the end, everything will be ok, just remember to enjoy and take your academics outside of the classroom to learn even more. 


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Martin Lopez Melendez

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