My Berlin – Tips for a Visit!

Marta Misiulaityte
August 9, 2013

I thought that for my last post from Berlin I would share a few insider tips about places to see in this wonderful city. For this collection, I focused on special places that are easy to miss rather than giving a summary of the main touristy sights (which you should still see if you do come for a visit!).
Park Inn

Few people know about this, but going up to the top of Park Inn offers a much better panorama of Berlin than the Fernsehturm – mainly because if you’re up on the TV tower, well…your view of the city is missing it! And it’s such an integral part of the Berlin skyline. Going up to the top of Park Inn at Alexanderplatz solves this problem and it’s a lot cheaper and there are no queues.

Tempelhofer Feld

I wrote about this massive airport-turned-park on my blog a few months ago. Cycling, kite surfing, jogging, picnicking between the runways – it’s all possible. This is a place not to be missed.

Tegeler See

Take the U6 northwards and get off at the very last stop. Walk through some charming streets that almost comprise a village of their own right in the city. Walk along the Tegeler promenade, sit down on a bench by the water, enjoy the sunset, take it all in.

Kurt Schumacher Platz

Go up to the top floor of the shopping mall at this square. Lay down, watch the planes soar above your head seconds before they land at Tegel. I’m afraid that once the new airport is complete this gem will disappear, so go have the experience while you can.



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