FIELD TRIP VLOG: Walking Tour of Fes and Volubilis

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Mariama Regaignon
September 23, 2023


For coverage of the rescue efforts and infrastructure damage: 


Morocco has a vibrant, diverse culture spanning thousands of years that has had immense influences on art, philosophy, and more across the world. While many of these ancient global heritage sites were damaged in Friday’s earthquake, especially in Marrakech and the surrounding region, we were lucky enough to go on a walking tour of Fes and Volubilis. Enjoy seeing the center of some of the world’s oldest art, science, and culture, as well as breathtaking traditional handcrafts that are practiced nowhere else. Because of Fes’s rich Jewish history, we learned a lot on the tour about Jewish history in Morocco generally, and visited several Jewish heritage sites including a 17th-century synagogue and mikvah, which was especially exciting for me. It was one of the most engaging and inspiring days of my life and I’m so happy to be able to share the experience! 

Some places we visited included: Volubilis; Fes Old Medina; Ibn Danan Synagogue; Al-Attarine Madrasa; Restaurant Riad Tahra; leather, weaving and brass-work handcraft workshops; and the traditional pottery collective Art Argile Fes.


Editor’s Note: Our Crisis Management team are actively monitoring and providing updates to keep our students and staff in Rabat safe. For more information on our health and safety policies, please visit our Health & Safety page.

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