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Maria Amorosso
May 1, 2017

For my Semana Santa, two of my best friends went to two very different countries: different than the Mediterranean culture of Spain and different from their own respective cultures. First we went to Dublin, Ireland, to set foot on an unexplored country (at least, for us three) and have a taste of the Irish culture. Most of us have been in the UK before Ireland, so it was cool to look at the differences between two adjacent nations. Then we moved on to the Netherlands to explore the intricacies of the Dutch culture. While we almost were run over by all of the bicycles, we were able to squeeze in a canal tour, try a stroopwafel and navigate the Dutch public transportation while exploring the city. We decided to divide Semana Santa in half so we could sightsee, get a feel for the food and scene, and actually rest up after the tough week of assignments that we had, the week leading up to break. Even though there were a few hitches along the way (our friend missed the train and therefore a flight), I'm glad I went on vacation with the friends I went with: we had a really good time. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so consider this a photo essay!

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Maria Amorosso

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