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A Londoner's Guide to Instagram

Madison Palmer
December 4, 2019

Taking photos of London is one of my favorite pastimes, and I’ve put together a list to share some of my favorite spots with you! Whether you are looking to capture unique views of the city or the perfect picturesque hangout spot, you have come to the right place. Don’t brush aside some of these places just because you have heard of them before. While some of these locations may be well-known and popular, they are iconic for a reason! Here are my ten most instagrammable spots in London:

1. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is known for its iconic pastel-colored houses and Portobello Market (a world-famous market featuring clothing, antiques, food, and many other things). Westbourne Park Road has some of the most beautiful colored houses. There are also a number of famous mews (stables) in that area including St. Luke’s mews which are pink! If you are looking for other things to do around the area, I recommend visiting Portobello Market on a Saturday. Bluebelles of Portobello is a cake shop on Portobello Road with a beautiful window display of their cakes.

2. The Churchill Arms 

The Churchill Arms, built back in 1750, is one of the older and historic pubs in London. I love it for the beautiful flower display on the outside, but there is so much character inside as well! Winston Churchill’s grandparents were regular visitors, hence the name The Churchill Arms. Check it out – even if just to take a picture outside!

3. Tower Bridge

Located right near the Tower of London, Tower Bridge is the castle-like bridge that most people mistake for London Bridge. It is well-worth a visit!

4. Peggy Porschen Cakes

If you are searching for the perfect afternoon tea spot, Peggy Porschen Cakes is where it’s at! The building is pink entirely and as you sip your pink tea outside you are surrounded by stunning flower décor. The inside is just as aesthetically pleasing!

5. Columbia Road Flower Market

I recommend visiting Columbia Road Flower Market in warmer weather to admire the hundreds of flowers that people are selling. Whether you are there simply to admire the variety of flowers, or you want to purchase some to spice up your accommodation in London, it is certainly a refreshing market to visit!

6. The Shard / Sky Garden / London Eye

In this next choice of mine, I combined the most similar viewing places in London that are both wonderful and popular! The Shard is a skyscraper and the tallest building in the UK. For a charge of about £40, you can take the elevator to the 69th floor for some breathtaking views! There is also a restaurant and bar on the upper level of The Shard. The London Eye is essentially a Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames, meant for observing London from above. It is perhaps one of the most famous tourist destinations. For about £30 you can take a 30-minute ride to view all of London and its beauty. Sky Garden is exactly as it sounds – a viewing gallery on the 43rd floor of a building called the Walkie Talkie.

All three of these options offer stunning panoramic views of London that I highly recommend! It is arguable whether the view from The Shard or London Eye is better – in my personal opinion, despite the £10 difference, I preferred The Shard because you are not limited in the time you can spend up there compared to the London Eye. If you plan on visiting The Shard, I recommend going late afternoon and staying till dark so you can see the view of London during the day, during golden hour, and at night when the city is lit up!

Regardless, I highly recommend a visit to the Sky Garden because it is FREE! I repeat: F-R-E-E!!! Be sure to book in advance online because spots fill up fast!

7. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Although St. Paul’s Cathedral offers panoramic views of London as well as the above three, I decided it was deserving of a separate category. You can visit for a tour of the inside AND if you are feeling up to it, climb 528 steps to the top to see magnificent views of London. St. Paul’s Cathedral is stunning inside AND outside!

8. Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street, located nearby Peggy Porschen Cakes in Belgravia, is one of the most picturesque streets I’ve ever walked along. Flowers upon flowers upon flowers! Shops are lined with beautiful window displays/décor. It is all of the London charm in one street, I promise.

9. Butter Believe It

Butter Believe It was a sneaky find for me. Something I love about London is that you can be walking towards your destination and an instagrammable gem will sneak up on you. Stop at those places because it is so worth it to live in the moment. I was walking home from running errands when I spotted Butter Believe It with a friend. It is both adorable and delicious!

10. Oxford Street / Regent’s Street

Last, but certainly not least, are Oxford Street and Regent’s Street…or really any of the shopping streets. They are great for pictures, especially around the holidays when the lights are up. It’s lovely to make a day out of shopping (or window-shopping!).

I kept my list narrowed to ten, but I promise you all there are SO many more than that. Don’t be afraid to get out, explore, and live in the moment!

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