A Guide to London Markets

Madison Palmer
December 14, 2019

Over the past few months, I have completely fallen in love with London’s many markets. If I wasn’t traveling Europe on the weekend you could likely find me roaming London’s markets. Some I’ve been to only once, others I’ve been to more times than I can count. I put together a list of my FAVORITE markets in London that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Camden Market

I live in Camden Town, about a two-minute walk from Camden Market. I may be biased, but Camden Market just might be my favorite London market. There are over 100 shops and stalls right on the canal. You can find a variety of food vendors, cafes, restaurants, bars, and vendors selling designer clothes and artwork. Camden Market is definitely one of the ‘trendier’ markets, but you can spot people of all ages here. I have found a beautiful and cheap faux fur coat here! It is a bit of a maze inside so give yourself some time to learn the setup of the market. I highly recommend hunting out the Dutch Pancakes, right by Camden Coffee.

Covent Garden Market

I recommend a visit to Covent Garden even if you aren’t looking to purchase anything. The architecture and design of the market building and piazza is stunning – especially around the holiday season. There is usually a musician, magician, or some sort of crowd-pleaser in the piazza. While there are many high-end shops and restaurants here, there are also a number of vendors selling antiques, jewelry, scarves, clothes, and souvenirs. My favorite purchase from Covent Garden has to be an affordable cashmere scarf!

Broadway Market

As a street market in Hackney, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of good finds at Broadway Market. This market has local farmers and artists selling their goods. You can purchase fruit and ingredients or stop for a ready-made meal. I love Broadway Market, particularly for their vintage clothing. I purchased a faux fur jacket for just £15!

Portobello Road Market

It is one of the oldest markets in London, but still one of the most famous. It is famous for antiques, but there is also food, souvenirs, vintage clothing, and many things to do! The street is at least half a mile long, so I recommend taking a good half day to do this market (it will not be a quick trip!) Portobello Road Market is perfect for souvenirs, knick-knacks, and negotiating prices on quality clothing. Saturday is the main day for the market, with all stalls open.

Borough Market

Come with an empty stomach and shopping list to Borough Market, an all-food market in London. You can grab a tasty lunch, shop for produce or ingredients, pick up pastries or just walk around to admire the tasty food from around the world!

Columbia Road Flower Market

I recommend visiting this market in the warmer weather to see the colorful displays of blooming flowers. Whether you want to soak in the natural beauty or buy a few things to spice up your abroad accommodation, Columbia Road Flower Market is the place to do it.

Leicester Square Christmas Market

My go-to Christmas Market! All of the Christmas Markets in London are great but Leicester Square Christmas Market is especially near and dear to my heart. You can visit to see the lights, watch a show, stop for some mulled wine, or peruse the vendors selling Christmas gifts. Looking for a Christmas gift for the family? This market has a stall creating customizable Christmas ornaments. I can’t wait to gift this purchase!

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market was a bit of a haul for me (about a 50 minute tube ride from Camden Town), but it was worth a visit to see the 150 unique stalls. There is a large range of jewelry, clothes, art, gifts, and food!

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