Sydney Market Mania

Maddie Norman
November 27, 2018
Entrance to my favourite of all markets, the Glebe Market

Like every other normal person, I look forward to the weekend. But, I’m not looking forward to destressing with an ice cold drink of choice (cider), I’m looking forward the markets. One of my FAVOURITE things in the entire world is a good ole market. I really don’t know why this burning passion for markets has been instilled in me, but I assure you it is there, and its fiery intensity ignites every single weekend in Sydney.

There are heaps of markets of to check out here. I am certain there is a market for every kind of souvenir, foodie fan favourite, or treat-yo-self gift you can think of. Honestly, there are so many markets in Sydney that I was overwhelmed by the plethora of options at my finger tips. I’ve decided to do a little rundown of all the classics to help anyone in the area navigate around the Sydney market mania on weekends.

Fish Market

  • Hours: Everyday 7am-4pm (generally)
  • Location: Bank Street→ 5 min walk from Darling Harbour
  • FOOD!!
    • Heaps and heaps of fish and funky shellfish that I’ve never seen/eaten before
    • Sydney is on a beautiful harbour, obvi the fish is fresh and A-MA-ZING here
    • I liked to go on a run from Sydney Uni to the fish markets because I knew I’d be treating myself well at the end….just a little motivation
    • I recommend the sushi donut, personally, but my friend had the sushi taco and spoke highly of it
    • I also got mango on a stick covered in chocolate, simply scrumptious

Paddington Market

  • Hours: Saturdays 10am-4pm
  • Location: Oxford Street
  • Clothing, gifts, food trucks
    • “Great cheap, fun, and crazy things. A mix of furry clothes, but also a good fruit. Overwhelming in a good way, makes me excited for Mardi Gras.” -an interesting friend of mine
    • I can’t describe this market in any better way^^^

Rocks Market

  • Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
  • Location: George Street, The Rocks→ train to Circular Quay and less than 5 mins walk
  • Gifts, clothing, food trucks
    • A higher end market
    • I came here a handful of times and always made at least one purchase….perfect for Christmas presents
    • My friends and I would love to grab food from one of the food trucks at the end and eat on the grass right underneath the harbour bridge, highly recommend

Glebe Market

  • Hours: Saturdays 10am-4pm
  • Location: Glebe Point Road (not a far walk from SydneyUni)
  • Thrift shopping, food trucks
    • My personal favourite market
    • Heaps of recycled fashion and handmade clothing/jewellery
    • Great deals at the end of the day when people are packing up their tables
    • I owe my improved Aussie style of fashion to this market

Paddy’s Haymarket

  • Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Location: Thomas Street, Chinatown
  • Anything and everything
    • Slightly overwhelming with all the commotion and venders trying to lure you to buy from them
    • Cheap souvenirs in bulk→ my roommate got all her extended family members a boomerang for $5 total
    • Easy and fun to haggle with vendors for cheaper prices

Bondi Market

  • Hours: Saturday Farmers Market 9am-1pm, Sunday Markets 10am-4pm
  • Location: Bondi Beach Public School parking lot (quick walk from Bondi Beach)
  • Different but equally great markets in their own way!!
  • Very community based, I love the local spirit
  • Perfect place to take a walk over to/check out during your beach day at Bondi

Local Farmers/Pop-Up Markets

  • Every weekend, varied locations
  • Pretty much every weekend you can guarantee there are local famers/pop-up markets….I would always go on Facebook and check the “Events” page and check out the local events happening for the week
  • One time a couple friends and I bussed 45 minutes to a farmers market just to get bagels because we were bagel deprived (bagels aren’t really a big thing here, Aussies seem to prefer toasties).

My last piece of advice is don’t forget to bring CA$H to the markets!! Most of them are cash only, and it would be an utter shame to have your heart broken at the register…speaking from personal experience, it is a true tragedy.

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