My Day at Sydney Uni!

Maddie Norman
October 23, 2018

Here’s a day in the life at Sydney Uni! It’s a short 10 minute walk from my apartment to the entrance of campus. I walk past a couple of sports fields (AFL, rugby, and soccer football) and check out any games that are going on that day. I usually will stop by Ralph’s cafe for a long black and occasionally treat myself to a slice of homemade chocolate chip banana’s truly the best. One of my favourite things about Sydney Uni is the insane amount of coffee shops that there are on campus. There is literally coffee shops on every corner, so thankfully I am never deprived! I try and leave early to get to class because I love walking through the Graffiti Tunnel on campus. It’s a little out of the way from my classes, but I always prefer the scenic route! In between classes I usually walk to Victoria Park to sit and do homework on the lawn. The park is just off campus, and it’s a nice place to relax and be by myself! Once it’s time for class again, I walk back up the hill to the most picturesque building at Sydney Uni–The Quadrangle. I’m lucky enough to have one of my tutes in here so I get to walk through this beautiful building all the time!

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Maddie Norman

<p>I went skydiving on my 18th birthday, and that pretty much sums up who I am! I love doing anything active and outdoors. I am currently working a 9-5 job at an office desk, and I'm anxiously counting down the days until I go abroad to Australia this fall. I have an entire binder in my room dedicated to plans for all the outdoor excursions and trips I want to take when I'm there!</p>

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