Excursions with Sylvain & Loic

Lee Foden
September 20, 2016

Tonight, some students in my program are headed to Chef Clementine’s kitchen to learn to prepare and cook traditional French cuisine. Each cooking class has 4 students in order to get the most out of their time with Clementine. Rumor has it, Clementine is Loic’s girlfriend — something the girls in my program are pretty jealous of (because Loic is so cute, of course)! 

These French cooking classes are just another example of amazing opportunities provided to us by IES Abroad with the help of travel agents Loic and Sylvain. We’ve spent a lot of time with Sylvain and Loic recently; from site seeing in an around Nice and boarding a boat to look for whales and dolphins nine miles deep into the Mediterranean. This video blog highlights our excursions with Loic and Sylvain, but needless to say, we’re so excited for more!!

In just over 2 weeks, Sylvain is accompanying my program to Corsica for a weekend. We’ve also been told about a night trip to Monaco in December to see the spectacular Christmas lights, as well as a day trip to Italy. Clearly, we have a lot to look forward to! Thats just another wonderful thing about living in Nice for four months — you can travel to so many other countries, so easily and quickly! In just under a month here, I’ve already visited four countries!

This weekend I am headed back to Italy to visit the Amalfi coast for the weekend. I am so excited! In the meantime, enjoy my latest video blog! À plus!

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