So long, Farewell

Layne Garrelts
September 1, 2015
German phrasebook

The time has come to say so long to another summer at home in Nebraska. As I think over this time I am so grateful for this place and the people in it. This summer has been one of rest, of slowing down, and of simple fun. I love the Midwest for this reason. It is beautiful, friendly, and  home to some of the greatest people I know. To be able to have spent the time I did with friends and family is something I treasure. Here are a few snaps from my summer.

Now I partake on my journey to Freiburg. As I wonder and daydream of what life will be like for me there, I admit that I do dread the long hours of traveling that are necessary to get me on this great adventure. After doing my best to pack light (I think I am the world’s worst packer), I fill my backpack with a few things to make the long flights and layovers feel a little more comfortable. Here’s whats in my bag. 

On my first flight of many, I look out the window of the plane and consider what lies ahead. I am ready to begin this chapter of my life. After a summer of comfort I am ready to go out and let Freiburg surprise me. Recently I heard a quote from one of my favorite bands, Rend Collective, it read, “Those who make a difference in the world are always risk takers.” That rang true to me. This is my act of risk taking. Moving to Germany is scary. Leaving friends and family is scary, but I am hopeful that making this journey will change me and perhaps will change the world in some small way. On this blog I will share the lessons I learn, the people I meet, and the beauty I see. I am so excited for you to join in on my adventure. 


Layne Garrelts

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