Exploring Brussels, Belgium

Layne Garrelts
December 23, 2015

La Grand Place. This square holds a series of beautiful buildings. Stopping by here is a must and learning a little bit of history about it is also cool. In each of the cities we visit with the program we have a walking tour of the city. Our Brussels tour guide was one of my favorites and he told us a couple funny stories about this square!


Other than La Grand Place, Brussels also has a lot of cool architecture and art including a series of comic strip murals that appear on the sides of buildings around the city.

Of course Belgian waffles are a must. I cannot explain how good these things are and they're cheap. I may or may not have had about 2 per day.

While in Brussels I stumbled upon some delicious and hip spots to eat and drink:

Peck 47: This cute cafe was near the hostel and had great breakfast food, coffee and fresh juice. I was a little obsessed with this juice and I think my friends and I went here multiple days. The eggs benedict was super good.


Chyl: Okay, this place is SO cool. I do admit it may not be for everyone, but if you are into organic food and minimalistic design, this is your place. It serves a small menu of Mediterranean food and also has a small grocery store and beauty salon attached. It is located in a bit of an outer neighborhood which ended up being a really cool area with a lot of little shops and cafes. There was also a little lake/pond and a nice little park. Venturing out of the city center was one of my favorite things and it made me love Brussels so much more.





Lord Byron: This is a small, intimate bar in the heart of Brussels. It is quite cosy with brick walls and art installations that are for sale and change every so often. If you want a nice, relaxed evening with a few friends this is a unique and cool spot.

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