Third Field Study: EU Member States Trip

Kimberly Webber
April 1, 2015

If you've seen my other field study videos, you get the gist by now. BUT I'm gonna throw a wrench in what you thought you knew. We actually got to more or less choose where we travelled on this last trip. We had 3 choices, each of which visited completely different cities and sat in on presentations regarding completely different issues topical to those regions or countries we were visiting. After talking with several of my peers, all of these trips sound amazing and you really can't go wrong when choosing! I'm glad I wasn't on the northern trip because I'll be visiting London on my own for spring break and I know some people had a similar feeling toward my Southern trip because they'll be spending spring break in Spain. But it's all up to you and these cities are so amazing, I wouldn't be opposed to visiting any of them twice!

The low-down for anyone looking to make this decision before coming on the EU Program:

-Northern Trip: London, Stockholm, Riga/Talinn (there were 2 groups this year. They both went to the first 2 cities and one group went to Talinn, Estonia, while the other went to Riga, Latvia). Euroskepticism with regards to the euro, and other economic issues were discussed on this trip.

-Southern Trip: (the majority of this video) Rome, Madrid, Barcelona. We talked about migration, environmentalism, Mediterranean trade, and Catalonian independence as well as the impact of the economic crisis in these areas.

-South Eastern Trip: Bucharest, Athens, Budapest. They addressed the financial situtation in Greece as well as integration in the EU.

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