An American in Freiburg

Kimberly Webber
February 12, 2015


This video is a compilation of any footage I have in the month we've been in Freiburg. There's a lot of cooking dinner with friends on the program, exploring the Old Town (alte Stadt) and marketplace, and you'll notice too that these Americans have got to watch the Super Bowl! So we went to an Irish pub where we weren't surprised to see a bunch of other Americans. The game was on at 12:30am our time so we stayed up until about 5am the night before Monday classes. Unfortunately I'm a Seahawks fan so I wasn't too pleased with the turnout but it was a great game and quite the experience!

While we do tend to hang out with other Americans on our program there are definitely ways to get to know Germans (and people/students of other nationalities as well) if you're interested in doing so. Some ways are to: actually talk to other people at the student bar/other bars you frequent--odds are they now enough english to have a conversation with you, but if you can, try out your German!; you'll be living with at least 1 and up to maybe 8 other students from Germany or other countries--make the effort to get to know them, cook dinner with them, go out with them, ask them questions and let them ask you questions; continue your sport here or pick up a new one--several kids on our program have been playing basketball once a week at the local gym and even go out to dinner with the Germans after; get to know your housing tutors and have them tell you where activities/events/parties are that other German students are going to.

All in all, being an American in Freiburg is quite the experience. I'm very glad for my German speaking skills (if you can call my rusty German a skill...) and love getting to know people!

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