Santorini Has Me In Awe

Kathryn Sommer
November 8, 2015

In Santorini, the beginning of November means that the tourist-season is coming to an end. For me, it meant that I immediately had to book a flight to explore the magic of this quaint island. Luckily, the end of the season indicates cheaper prices for anything that one can find or do on this island. Therefore, my friends and I decided to explore the entirety of the small island and make use of the still wonderful weather.

We toured all of Fira, whether on foot or on a donkey and we discovered two magnificent beaches, one covered with red and black lava rocks, the other with black sand. We saw (as it seems) all of the small white and blue churches that can be found in any corner of the island and we even found a fortress that is connected to one of the churches. On top of that we ate as much gyros and tzatziki as possible and finished off our nights with the most breathtaking sunsets. I highly recommend watching the sunset from the town Oia, that is located at the northern tip of Santorini. From there one can not only see the volcano island, but also all of the coastline, dotted with the houses that make up Fira, Imerovigli, and other small towns. These sights, as well as the beautiful town of Oia itself, seem to be transformed as the orange and pink rays of the setting sun hit the white houses. 



Fira, the Capitol of Santorini     Imerovigli                                  Entrance to the Church of Perissa



The Church of Perissa               The Beach of Perissa                The Red and Black Beach 



All of Santorini Lined Up         Oia at Sundown                        The Transformation of Oia 


The Lights of Oia                      The Coastline of Santorini 

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