Looking Back On Rome

Kathryn Sommer
December 22, 2015

Before coming to Rome, four months seemed like a long time. But once I got to Rome, I realized (sadly) that these four months were flying by. Therefore, I recommend to anyone studying abroad in the future - whether in Rome or not - to fully enjoy every single day spent abroad. Go explore the city and culture you live in! Take an hour or two each day to walk around, to get lost, to eat yourself through the city and find the best gelatto and panini store! Take a stroll through the city at night and experience your favorite spots in a totaly different ambiance! Live in the moment and try not to let an opportunity slide. I know it can be hard to be away from your home country or home colleg, but try not to think about what you are missing out on or what you miss the most. Instead, try to turn your thought-process around and consider all of the things that your home for the next four months has to offer that you could never find at home - and embrace these things! 



Forum Augustus                       Colosseum                                 Pantheon


Vittoriano                                  Trevi Fountain


Piazza Navona

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Kathryn Sommer

<p>My name is Kathryn Sommer and I study at Haverford College, a small school right outside of Philadelphia. I am a premed student majoring in biology, though I also have a passion for art, especially drawing and photography, both of which I enjoy the most when traveling. I was fortunate enough to grow up traveling the world, mainly Europe, as I was born and raised in Germany. On one of my shorter trips in my childhood, I have visited Rome and I cannot wait to get to know the city, the culture, and the people better.</p>

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