My Last Week In Rome

Kathryn Sommer
December 22, 2015

Saying goodbye is never easy, but how to say bye correctly from a city that has provided you with the most amazing memories during the entire last semester? As it was our last week in Rome, we wanted to make sure to check all of the boxes from our "Things-To-Do-In-Rome" list. 

I finally saw the famous keyhole on the Aventine hill. After a short line of tourists I was able to peak through the keyhole with perfect view of the Vatican. I toured the Castel Sant'Angelo one last time and was lucky enough to have chosen a very sunny day - though surprisingly all days in December have been extremely sunny and warm. I got my last gelato at my favorite place called "Frigidarium" that glazes the gelato with melted chocolate for free! I went to Gianicolo again and enjoyed the beautiful winter day at this park with the view of the Villa Aurelia. I ate at my favorite restaurant, called "Roscioli," one last time and ate amazing buratta with sundried tomatoes and pasta with a parmesan and butter sauce (arguably the best in the world). I went to the Villa Medici and saw the fabulous copies of the Niobe statues with her children. And I got all of my Christmas shopping done as I went to the famous Campo Dei Fiori Market and the amazing stands and stores at Cola di Rienzo. What a great goodbye from the greatest city! 






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