IES Abroad Rome Cooking Module

Kathryn Sommer
November 3, 2015

For 25€ IES Abroad Rome offers a cooking module every Monday for five consecutive weeks that is taught by one of their Italian professors, Antonella Maglione. In order to show us a part of the Italian culture, we learned several different traditional dishes - all in Italian. It was a great way to provide for lunch, as well as gathering delicious recipes that we will be able to show off with once we return back home or to college. 

During the first lesson, we learned to cook different antipasti: traditional fried zucchini flowers, the typical tomato bruschetta, as well as garlic bruschetta, a zucchini quiche, and simple vegetables on skewers. In contrast to antipasti, we learned how to make our own gnocchi from scratch (or rather from potato and flower). We made two delicious sauces with the gnocchi - one tomato sauce and one mushroom sauce. The third lesson focused on the cleaning, preparation, and stuffing of calamari with cocktail tomatoes and calamari tentacles. As a side we cooked peas covered with eggs that were then steamed together. During the following lesson, we baked onions topped with tomatoes and rosemary, pumpkin topped with rosemary and spices, and of course we also baked the pumpkin seeds. During the last class we learned how to make desserts: we made traditional tiramisu, as well as a summertime version of tiramisu made with pineapple instead of coffee.



Fried Zucchini Flowers             Two Types of Bruschetta          Zucchini Quiche



Handmade Gnocchi                  Handmade Tomatoe Sauce       Washing Calamari



Stuffed and Fried Calamari       Baked Onions                            Baked Pumpin


Traditional Tiramisu                  Summertime Tiramisu

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