Kathleen Webster
July 20, 2015
Adriatic Sea sunset

I know I haven’t posted since my first week here, but I wanted to wait until the end of my stay after I have taken all my pictures to put them together in one big amalgamation that would best display my adventures in Freiburg and other lands. And since my experiences here in Europe have been extremely colorful, not only because Freiburg is the sunniest city in Germany and full of an extreme amount of flowers for an urban area but also because of the disparate characters, cultures, and cuisines that I encountered in my travels, I will be presenting my pictures in blog posts organized by color. So 17 countries, 4 mountain ranges, 3 seas, 2 languages, and 1 place to call home later, I have a rainbow of memories and photos to share. Let's start at the begining of the rainbow. 


Clock on the Freiburger Münster in the evening 

Sunset over the Adriatic Sea in Zadar, Croatia

Street art in the alternative neighborhood of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark

Meeting one of my soccer idols Stefan Kießling after watching my favorite team win 

Cherries were fresh and local everywhere in Croatia. These ones were seen at a market in Split.

Danish flags waving in Copenhagen 

Currywurst lunch in its origin city and captial of Germany: Berlin

Bright red slime mold found in the forest of the Vosges Mountains, France 

Swiss flags displayed in Basel, Switzerland 

An abandoned tricycle in the streets of Copenhagen 

Memorial bouquet outside of a church in the middle of the Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

Ornate door in Prague, Czech Republic 

Fly street art in an alternative area of Berlin, Germany

Fly street art in Berlin, Germany 

Door to the Münster in Strasbourg, France

Pasta dish in Bologna, Italy

Ninja knitting in Berlin. It's illegal to do, but no one is going to arrest you for knitting...

Sunset over the Vosges Mountains, France

Offbeat decorations inside a ruin pub in Budapest, Hungary 

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