Kathleen Webster
August 21, 2015



"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.” 
- Alice Walker, The Color Purple


Suburbs of Freiburg at sunset 

Fancy garden outside of a castle in the Swabian Alb in Germany 

Graffitied walls inside one of Budapest's ruin pubs 

Large black bumble bee seen on a hike in the Blackforest 

Jellyfish eating other jellyfish in the harbor of Helsingør, Denmark 

Home decorations for sale at the münster market in Freiburg 

Friend matching the color of the Rhine river at sunset 

Flowers still wet after a recent rain in the Blackforest - this is probably the best picture I took my entire time abroad 

Street art in Copenhagen's alternative neighborhood called Christiania 

Cherry blossums in the Swiss Alps 

Sun setting in the harbor of Port d'Andratx on Mallorca 

Orchids in the Austrian Alps 

Anne Frank street art in Berlin, Germany 

Scrapbook my flatmates made me of all our memories from the semester - my most treasured souvenir 

Lilly pad blossum in the Stuttgart Zoo 

Freiburg from above at sunset - this photo would be amazing if the münster didn't have all that scaffolding on it... 

Purple flowers in the town center of Helsingborg, Sweden 

In front of the Prague Castle at sunset 

My favorite flavor of Milka - many of these were consumed during my six months in Germany 



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Kathleen Webster

<p>I am an Animal Science major from Cornell University with a love of traveling, nature, photography, and adventure. I like to explore through everyday curiosity. You never know what novel experiences await from day to day or what old experiences might teach about the new.</p>

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