Kathleen Webster
September 1, 2015


"You can't define the world in black and white because there is so much hiding amongst the greys." -Unknown

Misty view of the Schwarzwald in March 

Porta Nigra - the large Roman city gate in Germany's oldest city Trier

Happy cow wearing her bell proudly in the Austrian Alps 

Old handle on the door of the main cathedral in Basel, Switzerland 

I cherished every oppourtunity to have class outdoors (which was often) - this particular class excursion was in the Vosges Mountains, France 

One of the many decorated cobblestone designs that can be found in the streets of Freiburg 

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, Germany - a very powerful place in the center of the city 

I had a stare down with this cat outside my hotel in Spain - the cat won, but only because it scratched me when I tried to pet it 

The frigid shores of Lake Constance in March 

South Tyrol Nose-horned Viper from the Wilhelma Tiergarten in Stuttgart, Germany

San Siro soccer stadium in Milan, Italy - home of AC Milan and Inter Milan

Only a portion of the gorgeous Kölner Dom in Cologne, Germany 

Mushrooms growing on a tree in the Schwarzwald 

Very parisian streetlight in Paris, France 

Contemplative statue outside the Berlin Cathedral in Berlin, Germany 

Ring-Tailed Lemur at a hands-on zoo in Helsingborg, Sweden (yes, we did get to touch the animals!) 

Grand Place - the central square in Brussels, Belgium 

Freiburg's characterstic Bächle - small water ditches that run throughout the city 

Crow in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Sharp rocks in the Lichtenstein Alps 

Walls of the Roman amphitheater in Trier, Germany 

I was trying too hard to fit into the coolest city in Europe (Berlin) 

Some of the bells inside the Freiburg Münster 

Hedgehog friend found outside of our apartment - he tried to get me to leave him alone by pretending he was a rock 

Ominous axe we found hanging above the Rhine on a bike trip from Basel, Switzerland to Konstanz, Germany

Love lock scene from the East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany 

Baby bird found before we started a day hike in the Austrian Alps 

Youth hostel I stayed in that used to be an old lighthouse in Konstanz, Germany 

Plaques like these can be found in cities throughout europe - they are small memorials to people who died in the holocaust outside of the places they used to live. These two plaques were seen in Freiburg. 

Enjoying the dark and misty scene in the low Tatra Mountains in Liptovsky Mikulas 

Statue riddled with bullet holes from WWII in Berlin, Germany 

Old smuggler's shack on the coast of Palma Mallorca, Spain 

Bikes line every street in Freiburg - It's known as the most bike-friendly city in Germany 

Basel, Switzerland on the banks of the river Rhine 

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