Kathleen Webster
August 12, 2015



"Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.” - John Ruskin


Portion of the town Split, Croatia from above - I have never seen the ocean as blue as it was in Croatia. 

My flatmates and me in Lichtenstein's small portion of the Alps (athough they weren't small in beauty) 

Sign for 'Palinka' in a ruin pub in Budapest - Palinka was a typical hard fruit liquor that was often homemade by Hungarians 

Feeling on top of the world (and cold) in the Blackforest above Freiburg

Energy usage of my apartment 'OIKOS' - the apartment was solar-powered because it resided in the green district of Vauban 

Cross in the Swiss Alps - there was a cross on top of pretty much every hikeable peak in the Alps 

Ship in the Copenhagen harbor 

Beautiful lake where we stopped for breakfast on a roadtrip through the Austrian Alps 

Small robot street art found in an alternative bar area of Berlin, Germany 

Hazy Rhine river at dusk seen on a bike trip along the river from Basel, Switzerland to Konstanz, Germany 

Those of us who wore flannel on a class field trip to the Swiss Alps taking a 'flannel pic' together 

Fishing boats in the harbor of the fishing village Port d'Andratx on the island of Mallorca 

Swan flying low over Lake Geneva, Switzerland 

On top of Freiburg's Stühlinger bridge - it was common for students to grab a beer and hang out on top of the bridge 

Zugspitze - Germany's highest mountain, which is part of the Alps in Bavaria 

Silhouette of a dead tree in the Blackforest at sunset - taken on top of the small mountain near my apartment 

Blue van parked overnight in the Vosges Mountains, France 

Cliff edges on a boat tour along the coast of Spain's Mallorca 

Ornate windowsills in the old town square of Prague, Czech Republic 

Alpine view on a hike in Lichtenstein 

On the ferry from Helsingør, Denmark to Helsingborg, Sweden - it was exciting to be in two countries in the same day 

Another view of the Alps in Lichtenstein 

Prague, Czech Republic at sunset 

My flatmate taking a break to enjoy the view on a hike in the Austrian Alps 

Jumping for joy in the Vosges Mountains, France 

Statue outside the Baden-Württemberg government building in Stuttgart - Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg

Blue caves in Croatia  - they appear so blue because the sunlight comes in from below and reflects the color of the water on the cave walls 

Titisee - a touristy Blackforest lake about a 30 minute train ride from Freiburg 

Snowshoeing on top of Feldberg - the highest mountain in the Blackforest at 1,493 meters 

Freiburg münster in all of its glory 

View of Greenland from my plane ride back to the US 


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