Kathleen Webster
July 31, 2015


"Orange is the happiest color." - Frank Sinatra 

Sunset over Freiburg in March 

Helsingborg port in Sweden just across the Baltic Sea from Denmark 

Trees in the red dirt along the coast on Spain's island of Mallorca 

Reflection of a building in the city center of Bologna, Italy 

Aging wine barrels in a wine cellar in Switzerland during a tasting 

Roman buildings in the city center of Split, Croatia 

Brilliant sunrise caught in Prague, Czech Republic 

Endemic lizard (Podarcis lilfordi) of Dragonera island off the coast of Mallorca

Orange tire of my beloved bike, Siegfried. He was my loyal steed who carried me to class everyday and accompanied me on many adventures.

Flower near the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Colorful buildings of Copehagen, Denmark 

Italian graffiti on the streets of Bologna

Old WV beetle parked in the historic center of Budapest, Hungary 

Beer at one of Freiburg's local breweries, Martin's Bräu 

Jellyfish in the harbor of Helsinør, Denmark 

An old cathedral lit up at night in Mallorca. Our hotel had a rooftop bar that had a wonderful view of the city. 

Typical slug that came out after a rain in the Schwarzwald. With their bright orange colors, it was always easy to avoid squishing these guys on our hikes. 

Stalagtites of Liberty Cave near Lipotovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. This cave system was is the most visited in Slovakia. With all the amazing rock formations, I can see why.

Dramatic street art on the East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall) in Berlin 

Replica of Michelangelo's 'David' in the Copenhagen harbor

Seafood paella in Mallorca - one of Spain's most celebrated additions to the culinary world 

Graffitied walls of a ruin pub in Budapest, Hungary. Ruin pubs are the coolest place to grab a drink in the city. They started in 2001 as an alternative place to go for a cheap drink and have since adopted the decoration scheme of junk and 'ruin'.

Sunset over a dry alpine valley where we had a class excursion in Leuk, Switzerland 

Marigolds blooming in Freiburg's Stadt Garten 

Colorful houses lining the street in Bologna, Italy

Warm colors on the coast of a small fishing village Port d'Andratx on Mallorca




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<p>I am an Animal Science major from Cornell University with a love of traveling, nature, photography, and adventure. I like to explore through everyday curiosity. You never know what novel experiences await from day to day or what old experiences might teach about the new.</p>

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