Kathleen Webster
August 9, 2015


"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises."

- Pedro Calderon de la Barca




View of the Italian countryside from the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca, a basilica on top of a hill above Bologna



Vauban, the eco-friendly (and extremely people-friendly) neighborhood of Freiburg where my apartment was. I have never seen so many plants in a residential area of a city before. Freiburg is the second most "green" city in Europe behind Copenhagen and Vauban is at the center of their eco revolution. It was a very interesting and fun place to live amoungst both families with young children and university students. 



Me enjoying myself on a hike in the Vosges Mountains, France 



Female Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus) we surprised deep in the wilderness in the Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia 



Classic love locks on a fence in Paris, France 



Cows grazing in the lush green fields of the Austrian Alps



Lilly pads in a pond in Stuttgart's zoo Wilhemla - this was defintely the most beautiful zoo I have ever been to. 



Vineyards early in the growing season in a dry alpine valley in Leuk, Switzerland 



Small farmer's hut where we had a class field trip in southern Germany's Swabian Alb 



At one with nature in the dense forests near Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia 



One of Freiburg's most picturesque streets



My flatmates ahead of me on a hike through the Austrian Alps - I had no idea mountains could be so green!



Battle of Waterloo (1815) memorial in a suburb of Brussels, Belgium - I am a big Napoleon history fan, so going there on the 200th anniversary of the battle was an amazing experience for me



Old tree growing in the Schwarzwald seen on a Schauinsland hike above Freiburg 



Lech river - a vibrant blue river that runs through the Alps in both Austria and Germany's Bavaria 



Escargot eaten in Strasbourg, France - Strasbourg is very close to Freiburg, so it was easy to take a day trip over and eat my favorite meal in the world



Stands and stands of plants sold at the Münster market in Freiburg daily - this is also where I could buy fresh produce and meats as well as grab a quick bratwurst for lunch



USA vs. Germany international friendly at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne, Germany - the US ended up beating the world cup champions!



Costal view of the Tramuntana Mountains on Spain's island of Mallorca 



Chamois (rupicapra Rupicapra) seen high in the Vosges Mountains, France 



'Feierling' - another one of Freiburg's local breweries - this one was probably most loved by the students 



Alpine Marmot (marmota marmota) who was not at all afraid of us as we hiked in past in the Austrian Alps 



Herbs on my balcony that were part of the garden my flatmates and I were growing over the summer 



My enivornmental science IES peers and I on a hike through the forests of the Vosges Mountains - this was part of a weekend excursion that involved a lot of hiking, goofing off, and eating great munster cheese 



Particularily green area on the grounds of the Prague Castle, Czech Republic - the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world 



This was something odd I spotted just outside of my apartment in Vauban... I pony tied to a pole with no one around



Tree growing on a precarious cliff edge on the Fürstenstein hike in Lichtenstein 



Frame found in the Schwarzwald in Waldkirch, Germany



I didn't have to go to Italy to see roman ruins - this is a roman ampitheater built in the 2nd century A.D. in Germany's oldest city, Trier



Gorgeous lake in the Low Tatra Mountains of Slovakia



Lush part of Luxembourg City's old historical district called the Bock 



Outside of Werder Bremen's team bus at a SC Freiburg vs. Werder Bremen home game at Freiburg's Schwarzwald Stadion



Schwarzwald landscape on a bright afternoon hike at Schauinsland (near Freiburg) 



Terrace agriculture used to retain moisture in arid areas like on Mallorca, Spain 


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