The Weekly Schedule

Katherine Seel
March 31, 2017

The most important thing during the week is going to class. However, my class schedule has been very nice to me and allows me to explore Paris…or catch up on homework (unfortunately the work part exists abroad). 


Monday's in general are the worst days, I have the most classes on this day and they're both three hours long. I start my day at 9 am with my art history class. Normally, we meet at a museum or a location in Paris. For example, next Monday we will be spending our class at Montmartre. After my art history it is lunch time so I will either go somewhere near where our class ended or somewhere near the IES Abroad Center. I then spend the rest of my time until 2:45 pm catching up on my homework or anything else I need to get done. I have my second class, history of fashion, art, and design at 2:45 pm and that goes until 5:45 pm. After class I will either walk around somewhere in Paris (if it is nice out) or I’ll go home and enjoy host dinner at 8:30 pm.


Tuesday's are so much better than Mondays. I only have my French class at 4 pm so I normally like to get up early enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and then head out for the day. Some Tuesdays I meet up with one of my friends to get brunch at some place we most likely found on Instagram and we’ll then walk around Paris until class time. After class lately since it has been nice I out I have been going for a run. My legs have been so sore the past few days because I have not been working out that much and maybe enjoying the bread too much. 


Again my class doesn't start until the afternoon. I only have one class that starts at 2:30pm. Normally, Wednesday's are my homework days. There is this great coffee shop that is halfway between me and the IES Abroad Center (I'm a 15 minute walk from school). The coffee shop is called Il Macchiato and this is where I go almost every Wednesday to do my homework and enjoy a cup of café au lait and a poulet sandwich. And once class is done I’ll try to go shopping or somewhere in Paris where I can see the sunset and get home for host dinners at 8:00 pm. 


Another day where I only have one class, French again. And yes it also starts at 4:00 pm. I normally sleep in on Thursdays and then I'll meet up with a different friend to either go to a museum in Paris or to get food. My friend has class earlier than me so I'll then spend the rest of my afternoon walking around and just exploring Paris. The best way I realized to experience Paris is to walk around in different areas and get a feel for them. My favorite place is the Marais, I somehow always end up walking around that area. Once I finish class for the week on Thursday I’ll go out to dinner with my friends and enjoy the night with them. 


Friday varies a lot. I could either be traveling to explore a different country or I am staying in Paris enjoying my time. Lately I have been traveling, but all of April I will be spending my time in Paris so I'm excited to continue exploring and revisiting some places that I love. 

And that is my weekly schedule. The three hour classes aren't the best thing, but at least I have plenty of time in the mornings to walk around and explore. 

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