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Kate Allen
March 27, 2024

Interested in studying abroad in Nice? Do you also love coffee/shops? Look no further. 

It wasn’t a shock, but more a pleasant surprise to discover how many coffee shops and cafes there are in Nice. At every corner, you will come across another cafe with outdoor seating, which is ideal for people watching and catching up with friends. French people really value the separation between work and leisure time, and the balance is amazing. Except…if you are a student that wants to get out of your apartment and get some work done! 

It was quite a process to try to figure it out, but I have found a few coffee shops that offer free wifi and also have great environments to work in. 

One of my favorite coffee shops  is Cafe de Max, which is a 30 second walk from the IES Abroad Center on Jean Médecin. It’s run by one man (I assume his name is Max) and he has a cute little shop on a side street. There are tables and chairs both inside and outside, and Max provides excellent coffee and food options. I love it because he makes a great iced latte, which is a very American order and rather hard to come by in the South of France. This cafe has wifi and cozy seating, so I love to come here in between classes for a pick-me-up. Highly recommend it!

My other favorite place to get coffee and do work is Copenhagen Coffee Lab. I know…it’s a chain. But it’s still great! I love the location on Boulevard Jean Jaurès, but they also have a second location on Rue de France. I like Copenhagen because it has ample seating/plugs, reliable wifi, and consistently good food and coffee. I tend to order a cappuccino or iced latte, but they also have a great matcha latte. I often see other IES students studying here, and it’s a welcoming environment!

Next, the coffee shops in Vieille Ville. My favorite is Blend, which doubles as a coffee and vinyl shop. I spoke with one of the baristas, and he mentioned that they’re also doing nighttime live music events starting in April. I also like La Claque, which has indoor seating and creative latte choices. Brume is another favorite—it has amazing food options and cute stools to sit outside in the morning sun. Finally, there is the recently renovated Hobo Coffee, which is a popular spot for brunch and pastries. 

A few honorable mentions:

  • Malongo, also on Jean Medecin with a wide variety of coffee options and an abundance of seating. 
  • Cafe Fino, the coffee is great, the food is okay, and at non-peak times you are allowed to do work on your computer. 
  • Marinette in Old Town, known for their brunch but also great coffee.
  • Le Country Store, delicious cappuccino but overpriced. 

I try to avoid Starbucks, but the Starbucks on Rue Massena has been a great little spot for studying because it has lots of seating with access to outlets. Try out local spots, if possible! And, if you are studying abroad in Nice over the summer or next semester, keep your eye out for a new coffee shop called Clay Coffee. This is an extension of the brunch spot “Clay” and it seems like it will be promising! Soon, I plan on trying out Full Bloom Cafe, which is a plant based coffee shop on the way to the Nice Port. 

I recommend checking out all of these places on Instagram to choose one for yourself. Enjoy!

coffee at Brume

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