Florence. Dubbed "medieval beaut"

Julia Szeto
October 27, 2015

In the past weeks, I've passed through Florence countless times on my way to other places. Florence houses the closest central train station and airport to Siena, so my travels often go through the Renaissance city. The city is overwhelmingly crowded with tourists, but I have to admit that of Florence's visitors are there for good reason: Florence is a beautiful, enchanting city filled with magnificent relics, works of art, and architecture. 

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Julia Szeto

<p>I am a junior at Bates College, where I study English, Creative Writing, and Chemistry. Though I left the beautiful forests of Portland, Oregon for snowier seasons in Maine, I&#39;ve discovered that there are valuable stories to be heard and told in ever corner, or coast, of the world. I am interested in people and the words they have to say, and I am thrilled to be in a city as rich with history as Siena. I hope to explore new perspectives of culture and life in Siena through words and photographs. Outside of story-telling, I am a varsity coxswain on the Bates rowing team, and I enjoy hiking, trail running, singing loudly in the car, and getting hopelessly lost in a good book.</p>

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