Indulge: The Yuyuan Tourist Mart

Jonathan Thibeaux
September 10, 2015
Yuyuan Architecture

Caught up in the modernity of the new Shanghai, you begin to find yourself yearning for relaxation and tranquil spaces. Traveling to the Old City, you expect to be confronted with rows and rows of temples or gardens filled with lush greenery. Yet, the magic that waits is not calm, nor quiet and is instead a market filled with vendors and food alike. Neighboring the Yu Garden and City God Temple, The Old City’s Yuyuan Tourist Mart is in the heart of Shanghai. Infusing ancient Chinese architecture with a 21st century ideals, it is a place for art, jewelry, various types of Asian cuisine, and so much more.

Jonathan Thibeaux

<p>Jonathan Thibeaux hails from Lafayette, LA and is a 5th year biology major at Morehouse College. A self-proclaimed &quot;media enthusiast, writer, motivator, and certified dreamer,&rdquo; he is working hard to catapult himself from a pre-medical past into the world of media and television. At Morehouse, he served as the Senior Co-Chair of the Campus Alliance for Student Activities, Co-Campus Based Leader for the Gates Millennium Scholar Group, Maroon Tiger Columnist, and Presidential Ambassador. Choosing to defer his degree for a year, he will be spending a year in Shanghai, China and Cape Town, South Africa for an immersive educational experience. Through his blog and affiliations he hopes to provide a safe and inspiring space for teenagers and adults to document and experience their lives, without the pressure to conform to social constructs. He hopes to one day work in Marketing as a television executive and possibly even becoming the talent of his own show. This fall he will be blogging for Shanghai, China.</p>

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