My 4-Day, 4 Night Bangkok Vacation

Jonathan Thibeaux
December 11, 2015
Petting Tiger at Tiger Temple

Instead of returning to Shanghai early, six of us took advantage of our 4-day weekend, journeying from Siem Reep, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and most populous city. Bangkok is a modern and progressive metropolis steeped in history. Bangkokians really take pride both in their city’s present and its past, ensuring that tourists and citizens alike are able to appreciate Bangkok’s current development while simultaneously marveling at its historic cultural landmarks, including some of the world’s most beautiful palaces, temples, and shrines. Also, Bangkok’s street food scene is almost unparalleled to any other city I’ve visited; during our time there, we indulged in obscene amounts of pad Thai and absolutely fell in love with roti. From riding elephants to petting tigers, it was an experience of a lifetime. While I will not highlight every single experience, I will offer you guys a sneak peek into our Thai vacation weekend. Here goes…

Night 1 [Thursday Night]

  • Check into the D Hostel
    • If you’re looking for modern chic living in the heart of the Old City, then the D Hostel is for you. We were minutes from all of the popular tourists attractions as well as the much talked about Khaosan Road.
  • Khaosan Road
    • Wild and free are just a couple of words that describe this fun and infectious area. Bars, clubs, and street food vendors are everywhere; just remember this is not a place for the posh or ultra conservative.
  • Dinner @ Khaosan Road  – Pad Thai

Day 1 [Friday]

  • Royal Palace
    • The most decadent site I have ever seen up close. Pictures do not do this place justice in showcasing its grand appearance and ultra detailed architecture.
  • Wat Pho; Temple of the Reclining Buddha
  • Temple of the Dawn
  • Golden Mountain
    • A high up temple that allots its visitors with views of the whole Old Town, as well as offer them a great place to watch the sunset.
  • Dinner @ Bangkok Chinatown - Pad Thai, Oyster Pancakes, Chicken Skewers, and More

Day 2 [Saturday]

  • Outdoor Railway Market
  • Elephant Ride
    • Though bumpy, riding an elephant was both exciting and exhilarating. Definitely recommend doing this at least once.
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Tigers
    • Not sure if I was extremely impressed with this experience. Things there seemed forced and made you feel like you were a part of an assembly line just to pet a tiger. If I could choose, I would have opted to go to reserve or facility that allows you to interact with and feed baby tigers.
  • Dinner @ Pratu Pad Thai – Pad Thai and Orange Juice

Day 3 [Sunday]

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market, Thailand’s Largest Outdoor Market
    • Do not underestimate this market, and allow yourself to spend at least a half a day there. It is easily the best outdoor market I have ever been. There are things of great quality, so have your negotiating skills sharpened and bring enough cash because you will fall in love with many of the items there. Remember it's only opened on weekends, so plan your trip accordingly.
  • Maui Thai Fight
  • Thai Massage
  • Cowboy Street
    • While we went to this street to check out a couple of popular bars, we left after a short time out of disproval for what was being supported there. The site of sex workers and thoughts of trafficking weighed heavy on our conscious, so we refused to support any of the establishments in that area.
  • Dinner @ Taling Pling – Curry, Tom Yum Soup, Rice Dishes, Great Desserts, and More

Day 4 [Monday]

  • Markets, Malls, and More
  • Take Off
  • Lunch @ Krua Apsorn – Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Crab Cakes, Chicken Wings, and More

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