Eating Too Good Here!

Jenny Qian
March 11, 2020

Second week in Milan and I have been eating too good here! I've been able to explore all types of pasta and pasta sauces that I've never had before. For lunch one day, my friend Pauline and I stopped by Pasto by the Duomo. It was a small family-owned restaurant that had the friendliest workers. The pasta choices are limited and vary day to day, based on what is made. I was absolutely in love with the pasta I got which was made out of pecorino romano. The friendly waiter also recommended a very nice sparkling white wine to pair with our meal. In addition, our field trip to Eataly was so fun as we got to make gnocchi from scratch. I was definitely very impressed with it as we were given pizza, cheese and bread, and wine while we were waiting for our gnocchi to cook. However, eating this well has definitely made me feel bloated. To balance all the carbs I've been eating, I try to cook for dinner and have a lighter meal. My Community Assistant, Alice, made this delicious salad the first day we arrived in Milan. I usually soak my salad in dressing but now I just put some olive oil. Also, the cherry tomatoes here are TO DIE FOR. They are so sweet and savory, its something I always make sure to pick up at the grocery store! Hopefully with all this good food it won't be like the freshman 20! 

Jenny Qian

<p>Hello! My name is Jenny Qian and I currently attend The George Washington University. Originally from San Francisco, CA, I have always had a passion in learning more about different cultures and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am currently studying abroad in Milan under the Business Studies program. I hope you can all follow my journey and experience abroad through my videos!</p>

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