Update: Coronavirus and Leaving Milan

Jenny Qian
April 5, 2020

Hey everyone!

I'm now back home in California and wanted to make this update video regarding my study abroad. It is very unfortunate that my study abroad experience was cut short due to the virus but it was one of the best months of my life. It's crazy to think that when I left Milan, I was expecting to return back a few weeks later. No one knew how bad it was going to get and due to the fluid circumstances, all IES Abroad students were forced to return home. 

During the week of Feb 20, our classes were all moved online and my roommates and I did not leave. We only left to buy groceries twice that week and then I returned back to the states. Fortunately, I am able to still take my classes and attend lectures. I was also able to receive my things that I had left in Milan through mail as my CA was kindly able to pack them and mail them to me. Although I was unable to properly say goodbye to my friends, we are still in contact with each other and I am able to still talk to my classmates. I definitely have plans in the future to return back to Milan and to also visit all the countries I was unable to visit. 

Thank you all for watching my vlogs and for following my journey. I had a lot of content planned out that I wanted to post while I was Milan but can only hope to do it when I return in the future. Thank you to the IES Abroad staff for being so helpful to us during those times of uncertainty and for providing us with support now! 

Jenny Qian

<p>Hello! My name is Jenny Qian and I currently attend The George Washington University. Originally from San Francisco, CA, I have always had a passion in learning more about different cultures and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am currently studying abroad in Milan under the Business Studies program. I hope you can all follow my journey and experience abroad through my videos!</p>

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