Milan Fashion Week!

Jenny Qian
April 2, 2020

Hi everyone! This was such an exciting week because it was the beginning of fashion week. Although I am not as into fashion as some of my friends here, it was definitely an experience. IES Abroad sent us a list of fashion shows and events to all the students which was very helpful. It basically impossible to get into the fashion shows, but many people still dress up and go outside the venue to see people. It was truly an experience. I remember walking around Duomo after shopping for a bit and I just saw a swarm of photographers taking pictures of some people. My friends and I went to the Prada show and stood outside for around an hour. It was so fascinating seeing so many unique outfits and models there. We were also able to see Miss Universe, Charli, and Kylie Jenner. Being able to see people just model in front of you for cameras was so interesting and definitely an enjoyable experience.

That Friday, I spent the whole day on a field trip for my Brand Management course. It took us around 4 hours to get to Biosudtirol one way, and was a very long day. However, we got to visit the company, visit their factory, and meet one of the farmers who plants organic apples for the company. The road getting there was really tiring but I was able to meet some new people in my class during the visit and turned out to be more fun than I expected.

A few days later, I attended another talk on sustainability for fashion week. This was for my Managing Made in Italy course. I went along with my roommates as we were allowed to bring a +1, but the talk was all in Italian so it was hard for us to understand. Afterward, we toured around Duomo.

Now that I am editing these clips, these events essentially concluded everything up until the Coronavirus hit Milan. A few days afterward, fashion week shows were canceled and we even had a week of online courses. I returned back to the U.S shortly. I am still very sad about my study abroad cutting short but very thankful for all the fun I had in the month. 


Jenny Qian

<p>Hello! My name is Jenny Qian and I currently attend The George Washington University. Originally from San Francisco, CA, I have always had a passion in learning more about different cultures and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am currently studying abroad in Milan under the Business Studies program. I hope you can all follow my journey and experience abroad through my videos!</p>

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