How has it been almost 2 months since I got here?

Jenny Koo
September 23, 2016

*How has it been almost two months? *We only have 2 months here and we're home. *Wow, time flies.  I haven't been homesick too much but I do think of home when it's time for food.  When it comes to Chipotle, Chick-fil-a, and some bad Chinese food, I cry.  Not necessarily saying Austria/European food is bad but I can garuntee you will miss those food living here.  I finalized all of my travel plans for the semester  and I will be going to Rome, Italy & Paris, France & Geneva, Switzerland. And I've already been to Budapest, Hungary and other main cities in Italy like Venice and Florence.  *Yes, it was amazing.  Traveling is definitely one of the perks that come with studying abroad.  But one thing everyone avoids to tell you: Traveling is stressful.  Not just because of money but the people you want to go with, schedules, and even where you want to go might change from time to time.  BUT, it's the mindset that will make or break your tavel experience.
I have definitely been exploring the city much more often.  Whether it's the occasional late night gelato run or the 'get on the u-bahn and get off anywhere & roam' situation, it has all been beautiful.  When the sun sets, most of the buildings here (especially the concert halls) will light up and it will look like a postcard. 
Roaming around different parts of the city were just so beautiful.  Pictures acutally can't do any of it justice really.  The buildings are all so intricately designed and it's so... European. 
But, there are also days when I simply want to stay home, netflix & chill, journal, and have time for yourself.  And I don't think that's a bad thing at all.  Do you.  Resting your heart/mind/soul is so so important esepcially when you are so far away from family and immersed into a different culture is so very essential.  Then you will be recharged to go out and explore your city with a new mindset.  So yes, treat yourself, you deserve it. 

Sharing some of the pictures I took during my walks around the city!

*The opera house! (My favorite building in Austria)

*Bomb Gelato place

*The Belvedere

*Rooftop picture of me singing in the rain (Taken by Victoria Knudston)

*the casual U4

*Walking around the city 

*The U-Bahn ride to school 

*Casual coffee pick up 

*And German Class.

*The beautiful first district of Vienna 


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