Things you NEED to do in Vienna.

Jenny Koo
December 5, 2016

I don't think I've been dissapointed by ANY performances here in Vienna so far.  As a music major, my goal was to see as many performances/concerts as I can see throughout the semester.  There are three major performaning halls : Staatsoper, where most of the opers and ballet are held, Musikverien, where the Vienna Philharmonic usually performs, and the Konzerthaus, mostly chamber music and pop concerts as well, and even Vienna Phil as well.  After seeing many performances in all three concert halls, I have to say, it's quite phenomenal.  My favorite hall has to be the Konzerthaus.  As a string player, I appreciate a hall that illuminates the sound of a string instrument, which Konzerthaus does very well. 

As many people know, Vienna was home to many of our famous composers like Mozart and Beethoven.  Although it might take some time, I would highly recommend you to visit at least one of their houses.  I got to visit Haydn's home (which was fairly close to where I am staying in Vienna) and Beethoven's Heiligenstadt home.  It was truly inspiring and it felt odd to view them as actual human beings than composer gods. 

Lastly, I would recommend for students to go to Karlskirche.  Not the christmas market but the actual church.  Going into the chapel is free but I highly recommend to go up to the dome, which is 4$.  It is beautifully done and honestly, they built a whole lift in the middle of the church so, why not. 

CONCERTS TO SEE when in Wien:
La Traviata by Verdi
Jerusalem Quartet 
ANY performance given by the Vienna Philharmonic!
and IF the pianist, András Schiff comes to the city to perform, you MUST go see him.  

This is inside of the staatsoper!  Standing room tickets are 3-4 euros.  Get the Balkon or the Gallery standing rooms!

La Traviata!!

Me dying after La Traviata because I found Verdi's star. 

This is the Brahms-Saal in the Musikverien.  This day, I got to see the Alban Berg Ensemble, including the HugoWolf Quartet. (The sound is not as good as the Konzerthaus!)

Inside the Konzerhaus, Mozat Saal!

The Jerusalem Quartet ft. András Schiff! (The best.)

Haydn's Home 

Haydn's "alleged" piano he played on

Beethoven's Heiligenstadt's Home 

Beethoven's letter to his brother on his progressive hearing impairment.

And Karlskirche's dome!

*You get to see the 1st dome up close.

*Part of the dome!


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