Thanksgiving and Christmas Markets in Wien!!

Jenny Koo
November 20, 2016

One of the advantages we get by studying abroad during the Fall Semester is getting to visit the Christmas markets as early as late November.  The first one I ever went to was at Rathaus.  (The very first picture.)  Yes, it is that beautiful.  The little houses full of goods sells treats from brownies to mold wine and miscellaneous collection from christmas ornaments to winter gloves.  The first time I went to Rathaus I dropped a good 20 euros on food and I don't regret it at all.  It was the perfect start to Decemeber, getting us all into the Christmas Spirit. 

The second picture (above) is by far my favorite christmas market!  It is the one in Karlskirche, near the Wien Museum and accross the street from Musikverein.  Infront of the actual church, there is a petting zoo with pigs!  You can find kids play in the pile of hay while their parents chill on the steps.  The lights are my favorite part of this market.  It's resembles some kind of constellation in the sky.

When you get to Rathaus, if you are able to go inside, you can find a cafe and a section where kids make gingerbread inside.  The line is not long at all.  My friends and I would've lined up but we felt the need to step aside for the kids!

The christmas markets next to St. Stephens!  This market is one of the smaller markets in the city. 

By this time, I think everyone was ready to see their family and eat some turkey with them.  But to everyone's surprise, the 45-1 hour drive to the restrauant was so worth it!  The food succeeded our expectations and the entertainment given by our very own students were great as well. 

Probably the most famous café in Vienna.  This cafe has THE BEST hot chocoalte I have tasted in my life.  (It is 5 euros but let's not talk abotu that.)  I swear, it is worth 5 euros!  The service is great and while you make your way to the second floor, you can see them make the sweets themselves!

This is one of my favorite cafés, Café Jelinek.  It was so ironic coming here because this was the very first café I visited in Vienna.  And with a few days left to go, it reminded me how fast flies time. 

Der Mann Cafe, it's all around Vienna

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