Our last trip in London and Dublin

Jennifer Li
December 13, 2016


3. more. days. Unbelievable. 


I just finished my last take home exam and I'm officially free. Despite my computer crashing and losing my 5-page paper, I did it. I finished the semester (semi) strong. I know the semester isn't entirely over yet but we attended our farewell dinner last night and it sure as heck feels like the end. In 3 days, most of my friends will be jumping onto a plane, but not on Vueling, Ryan Air, or Easy Jet, but they'll be going home to their family and friends for the holidays. I’m traveling until mid-January but I know Barcelona won’t be the same without the same company. Honestly, I’m feeling bittersweet at the moment and I would give anything to restart the semester but at the same time I’m ready for the next chapter of my life. This experience was so raw and unexpecting. I learned so much and I can definitely say I’m not the same Jen that set foot in Barcelona (with one less suitcase hahaha). I kept telling myself I’m ready for the next chapter of my life, but the characters will remain the same. I’ve met amazing people here and I couldn’t imagine life without them anymore. I’ve laughed so much, if I could have a dollar for all the happy moments we’ve had, I’d be a billionaire. In reality, I’m probably almost bankrupt (hahahahaha)… but I’m leaving Europe rich; rich with experiences, rich with friendships, and rich with happiness.


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