The final stretch?

Jennifer Li
November 29, 2016


Hola a todos! Recently I've been whinning ovHola a todos! El pasado fin de semana mis amigos y yo viajamos a Amsterdam. Mi español esta mejorando? Jaja?

Bueno, pues… I wouldn’t say I’m fluent (yet) pero estoy aprendiendo nuevas palabras todos los días. I would love to stay in Barcelona to continue learning Spanish and I hate to admit but the program is coming to an end. I’m just trying to practice my Spanish every chance I get, so get ready for some serious Spanglish. Kidding, haha maybe. But anyways, hoy I wanted to talk about a few things I’ve noticed in my program…  Since we only have less than a month left many of us have been talking about dreading to return to the states. And yes of course if I had a choice I’d stay longer but here are some positive reasons why you should be excited to return to your family and friends.

(Most) students will return to their family and friends just in time for Christmas. Think about it, you’ll be with your family, your friends, and for some, your pets for the holidays! You’ll be able to cook for yourself again and drive your own car. You’ll have a gym membership again and you can start working off all those paellas and croquettes (could just be me…). You can go grocery shopping and find all the brands of foods you love and missed. You can drive down to Chipotle, Five Guys, Chick Fila, In n out, or ______ fill in the blank depending on where you live. So friends, don’t spend your last days sad about returning; live in the present and be excited for the future. Bss, hasta pronto! Enjoy my video and see you soon in Italy!

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Jennifer Li

<p>Hey everyone! My name is Jennifer Li and I&rsquo;m originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. After my &frac12; birthday my family moved to Hong Kong &amp; before I turned 2 we moved to Los Angeles, California. I&rsquo;m currently at the George Washington University pursuing a bachelor&rsquo;s degree in marketing. I&rsquo;m so stoked to be studying in Barcelona this Fall!!! Follow me on this blog to see my upcoming adventures through photographs and videos!</p>

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