Falling in love with Lisbon, Portugal

Jennifer Li
November 17, 2016


Lisbon was breathtaking. I usually don't pick favorites but I must say, Lisbon has been my favorite city in Europe so far. Maybe it was because I didn't really have high expectations since my sole purpose of the trip was to eat 50 egg tarts. We started our friday with a 7AM flight and honestly, it wasn't too bad. There was a time difference between Portugal and Spain so the flight was 2 hours but we landed at 8AM Portugal time. I'm not a morning person but as soon as we landed in Lisbon, the air was clean and crisp - the views were stunning - and the hills were STEEP. Crazy fun fact but we walked over 10 miles all 3 days we were in Portugal and most of the walking was uphill or up the stairs. We spent friday walking up and down the streets marking down our check list and itinerary, we went to a castle, a cathedral, had some lunch and then met up with our other friend who took a later flight. Satuday we headed over to Sintra, a city outside of Lisbon, and it was like a fairy tale. A lot of walking (over 100 flights of stairs and 11 miles) but definitely worth the views and pictures. And best of all, it wasn't that expensive. Overall, I spent about 250 euros which includes the flight, hostel and all other expenses. Pretty awesome right? So I had a great time with Chirl and Mallory but this week at school I was buried in school work - I'm all finished now but it was rough. It's also so upsetting knowing that the program is over in a month. Time really flies. But on the positive note, I'm excited to go to Amsterdam this weekend!!! It feels good when you finish all your school work and can enjoy a weekend of food, friends and music. Hope you all enjoy my video. I enjoyed making it. 


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