Oktoberfest in Munich

Jennifer Li
October 3, 2016


Hallo, Hola, Hello (Hello in German and Spanish). Similarities? Well, they all start with an H so they’re similar, right? Ha, not even in the slightest way. In my opinion, German (and probably Chinese) is one of the hardest languages to learn and understand. It was a bit difficult to get around in Germany but the locals were incredibally helpful and friendly so it was OK. As you probably already noticed, my friends and I spent the past weekend in Munich for the famous beer celebration—Oktoberfest. Since we decided to attend last minute, our options were limited. We ended up taking a bus from Barcelona to Munich for roughly 20 hours with Bus2Alps, which actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds. It was the ride home that was excruciating… Anyways, aside from spending half our weekend on-the-go, our day and a half spent in Germany was amazing. When we arrived in Munich, we went on a search for a cheap dirndl to wear during the festival. Prior to leaving, we heard rumors about the outfits costing over 100 euros which freaked us out. But luckily, we found ours for about 35 euros!!! We then went on a hunt for food…I tried a wiener schnitzel for the first time, initially expecting a giant hotdog but I wasn’t too disappointed with what they delivered to the table (refer to the video above). I ordered a tomato soup as well, due to my famished alter ego—and let me tell you, it was the best tomato soup I’ve ever had in my life.

After lunch/dinner we walked around the English Garden, had a beer and headed back to our Airbnb. We didn’t really do much Friday because we needed to sleep early - to wake up bright and early at 6 AM to fight for a table in the tents. Saturday, we made our way to Oktoberfest and the rest of the day was filled with beer, pretzels, chicken, and rollercoasters. I had a great time working on this video, and I hope you all enjoy my tiny recap of our fun-filled weekend. Next week, I'm stoked because I’ll be taking on London/Paris with my sister. Bye!

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