I see Paris, I see London

Jennifer Li
October 13, 2016


Hey! I hope everyone is doing well...it’s pretty awesome how you could purchase a flight on vueling.com, Ryanair.com, or etc for under 50 euros. It’s really the best part about being abroad in Europe, well, + the food. (side note: if you didn’t already know, you could go on to skyscanner.com and set the destination and month as flexible, and then pick and choose the cheapest flights! My friends and I planned our travels according to cheapest weekends.) Anyways, I took a quick trip to Paris and London this past weekend with my sister and it was amazing. It was a short and sweet trip but I definitely felt rushed and that it wasn’t enough time. Hopefully I'll have another chance to visit in the future. We only had one day to explore Paris and two days to explore London, and since it was my first time in both countries we did the basics; the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Big Ben, etc. Next week I'm visiting the Amalfi Coast with my friend Rachel and I'm crazy excited. We're staying in Sorento with a beautiful airbnb. I recently bought a waterproof gopro case and I'm stoked to use it in Italy when we go snorkling and/or (maybe) cliff diving. I also have some Barcelona videos planned so stay tunned! Time is flying so quickly…it needs to slow down! Well, aside from midterm season...some of my classes barley have homework and it's beginning to scare me. Hopefully this week will go by fast so I can be laying on the beach with a glass of Prosecco. Enjoy my video, adios!



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Jennifer Li

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