First week in Barcelona!

Jennifer Li
September 8, 2016


¡Hola! I´m happy to report that I’ve survived my first week in España. It wasn´t too difficult, though, to be honest. Somedays I’ll have small waves of homesickness but it fades quickly because I’m meeting new friends every day. All the people I’ve met so far have been extremely kind and welcoming. It’s almost like we’re on the same team and we’re all in it together, right? Anyways, it’s been a crazy roller coaster for me lately because my carry-on luggage was lost during my transfer flight. Before leaving the US we were told by IES Abroad to pack all of our important items in our carry on, therefore my iPad, contacts, glasses, sunglasses, retainers, jewelry, bags, and makeup were all packed inside my suitcase. Losing a luggage is probably one of the most stressful events that can happen while traveling but I can´t let it ruin my experience here in Barcelona. So I´m staying positive and plus, the food is amazing and the city is beautiful. Last weekend our program took us to a small city called Tarragona where I tried my first seafood paella. Normally I don't eat seafood, however, I want to be open to try all Spanish foods while I'm here. I haven’t seen much of the city yet but I plan to do so this weekend. I´m so thankful for this opportunity to study Spanish, marketing, & photography in a foreign country. With the help of my host mom and wonderful roommates (I live with 1 roommate, 2 dogs, 2 bunnies, and a cat), hopefully, by the time I leave I´ll have a decent amount of Spanish under my belt. Anyways, I´m excited for what Europe has in store for me and I can´t wait to explore some more. Enjoy my video, ¡adios!

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Jennifer Li

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