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Jennifer Li
October 3, 2016


Hello, it's me. Checking back in with everyone as my first month of study abroad is coming to an end. Well… the good news is that my luggage was finally found, 17 days after my arrival in Barcelona. So, I was finally ready to take on Barcelona with my long lost bag. My classes? Honestly, they’re not too bad. I decided to take an extra class because my program cost included 15-19 credits, which meant I’d be saving money. Most of the classes here are based on attendance so it’s not too difficult (well, for now). It’s incredible how much has happened in just a mere 4 weeks—there’s no longer the lingering thought of being homesick, because strangely, this is my home now (well, for another 2 ½ months). The only issue/complaint, in my opinion, is that everything in Spain and maybe the rest of Europe is muy ensalada and it drives me insane. On a better note, my Spanish is improving…slowly but surely. In the past month I've experienced extreme fatigue and hunger where I felt that I could sleep for an eternity and eat an entire farm. Insane right? Anyways, I've explored neighborhoods and tasted authentic Spanish/Catalan cuisine; some good and some bad. It’s crazy that there are only (more or less) ten weeks left of this study abroad program and honestly, it’s a bit depressing. Thankfully, my weekend excursions are all booked and I’m trilled to share my experience with everyone. Stay tunned and enjoy watching mi vida en Barcelona. I'll see you all next weekend at Oktoberfest!!!

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Jennifer Li

<p>Hey everyone! My name is Jennifer Li and I&rsquo;m originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. After my &frac12; birthday my family moved to Hong Kong &amp; before I turned 2 we moved to Los Angeles, California. I&rsquo;m currently at the George Washington University pursuing a bachelor&rsquo;s degree in marketing. I&rsquo;m so stoked to be studying in Barcelona this Fall!!! Follow me on this blog to see my upcoming adventures through photographs and videos!</p>

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