Figuring Out Classes + Intercambio

Janice Han
September 27, 2013


This week, classes at Universidad de Salamanca have started. I was busy trying out different classes, and today (add/drop deadline) I finalized my “horario.”

course catalog!

I am taking 3 classes at IES center and 2 at the Universidad. University classes are obviously harder than IES classes. Professors speak very fast and it’s hard to take notes while trying to catch their explanations. I just hope that my español gets better soon! I also made friends with some of my classmates. They are really nice and willing to help. If you are planning to take some courses at the university, I recommend you try different classes and see how they are like, go talk to professors, and make friends with your classmates.



Intercambio is a language exchange program through Universidad de Salamanca website. Here’s how it works:

You write down your info. “My name is (Janice), I am (22) years old. I speak (English) and I want to learn (Spanish).” Then people who speak (Spanish) and wants to learn (English) will contact you through email. (There are plenty of languages other then Eng/Span) Or you can be proactive and send emails out to people.  So far I have done two intercambios. I really enjoyed talking to my first intercambio. I thought it would be super awkward talking to a person you don’t know anything about (and that in Spanish!) but it turned out okay. We went to a cafe, first talked in spanish for 40 min (I struggled a lot) and then in English for 40 min or so.

However, I advise you to be careful with Intercambios. It could be sketchy. My second intercambio was a weirdo who made me feel uncomfortable. Later, I found out that my two other friends also had intercambio with the same guy, and they also felt the same thing. Intercambio is a really good program, but just watch out!

This past Tuesday was my birthday. My host mom gave me a green scarf as a gift, a sticky-note with lovely message, and also homemade cheesecake. I’m really feeling home here. She is so nice :) I had dinner with my friends (tapas, pinchos, and sangria! oh yeah also gelato!) and partied until late at night. That night Camelot (a discoteca) had Erasmus party, and I entered free because it was my cumpleaños. Lots of people, lots of drinks, lots of fun!


Erasmus Party


I am growing to like this place more and more. University classes are hard but fun, and I enjoying meeting new people and having new experience everyday. This is something that I needed!!! :)


Hasta luego ;)


Janice Han

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