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Haley Straub
June 5, 2017

It's absolutely insane that after years of dreaming about this trip and months of planning, the time has finally come to pack up and get on a (very long) plane ride to Sydney, Australia!  The Pre-departure jitters are definitely a real thing, and my first of three flights tomorrow morning can't come soon enough.  For some reason that I can't even explain, I've always been fascinated with everything about Australia, I even have a canvas painting of the harbour and iconic Sydney bridge above my bed.  Blame it on 'Finding Nemo', but I just know that Sydney will become my new favorite place in just 2 short days.  

In about a weeks time, I'll be starting the coolest internship on the planet (definitely not biased or anything).  I have the great opportunity thanks to IES to work at "Riding for the Disabled", which is an equine riding center that provides the joys of riding and equine therapy to every individual just outside of Sydney.  As a Pre-Vet student, I could not be more excited to not only work with animals in a different country, but to hopefully also provide some joy for a few Australian natives.  

I can finally say that my packing is officially done after about 5 hours of arguing with myself over bringing things I won't actually need.  I've been told to definitely not bring my American hair straightener or curler as they definitely wouldn't survive the Australian outlets, and to be sure that you bring along enough warm clothing.  "Packing light" is easier said then done, but I keep reminding myself that I can always pick up things I forgot once I get there! (more shopping, am I right?)

More than anything, I couldn't be more stoked to finally get to explore the great land down under, and these pre-departure jitters won't even compare to the excitement that I know I'll feel upon landing.  There's just so many adventures that I want to experience while in Sydney, and I know there will never be a dull moment.  I'm so eagar to finally meet my rad roommates for the Summer, as well as the rest of the students on the program!  As for right now, it's time to get a good final night's sleep in my own bed as I try to prepare myself for the trip of my life!  See ya' soon, Nemo.  

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Haley Straub

<p>My name is Haley Straub and I am an animal sciences student at the University of Florida aspiring to be an exotic animal Veterinarian. I also have a huge interest in international studies and dance, both of which I am receiving minors for. I could not be more excited to travel to Sydney this Summer and gain a ton of new life experience, both in and out of the workplace!</p>

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