Picasso Mania

Gwen Lee
March 9, 2016


I went back to the Grand Palais to see Picasso Mania! This expo was right across the hall from the Louis Vuitton expo and I had been meaning to see it for the longest time. When I heard that it was closing soon, I hopped on a metro after class one day and bought a discounted student ticket to one of the most popular exhibits here. 

Picasso!!! Bad news: you have to pay for this expo. Good news: I got a discount on the ticket fare because of my student ID. Also, the tickets have one of Picasso's works printed on it! I'm keeping it as a souvenir. 

This is an autoportrait of Picasso, painted in 1901. It is the first piece of the exhibit.

Maurizio Cattelan



A huge Picasso welcome you into the expo!

Andy Warhol

Head (After Picasso) N°III


This expo wanted to exhibit not only how incredibly talented Picasso was, but how many people he had influenced through his work. Andy Warhol was one of the many artists featured in the expo showcasing Picasso's impact on the art world.

Pablo Picasso

Silhouette of Picasso and Young Girl Crying


Picasso's collection of paintings with crying women inspired so many that the exhibit dedicated two entire rooms to art pieces created in response to his works like the one above. One that stuck out to me was a photographer by the name of Rineke Dijkstra who's made a video of school children describing one of Picasso's paintings called the "Weeping Woman". Check it out here.

Pablo Picasso

L'Ombre (ou La Chambre A Coucher De L'Artiste Dans Sa Villa La Californie)


This painting inspired a really cool collection of paintings (pictures to follow) by Jasper Johns that is best described in a New York Times article called "The Seasons" Forceful Paintings by Jasper Johns written by John Russell published over two decades ago. 

Jasper Johns


Jasper Johns


Jasper Johns


Jasper Johns


Pablo Picasso

L'Acrobate Bleu


Picasso moved to France during the turn of the twentieth century. You can visit the place he painted his works all over Paris. 

Francesco Vezzoli

Olga Forever


Olga was Picasso's wife. They had quite an interesting story that ended tragically for her. This work is best described here.

You know you're studying abroad in Paris when you can see a whole wall of Picasso's works on a Thursday afternoon after class. How amazing is this?!

Adel Abdessemed

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf


There was a huge wall with taxidermy wolves everywhere that was inspired by Picasso's Guernica. A small child next to me cried when he saw it up close.

Thomas Housago



This piece, inspired by Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, bids you goodbye as you exit Picasso Mania. Like this sculpture, the expo was awesome. 

Paris, you did it again. Merci beaucoup.



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