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Gwen Lee
April 21, 2016



One of my favorite places in Paris to visit is not a museum, it’s a pâtisserie, a pastry shop. You can always find a patisserie within walking distance. In the store windows, you can see rows and rows of colorful desserts. C’est très mignon! Sometimes, pâtisseries are connected to boulangeries so you can get a pain au chocolat while you’re there as well. Here are some of the desserts that I’ve come across here and I highly recommend each and every one of them.


La Pâtisserie


The rows of pastries at Le Grenier à Pain, the closest pâtisserie to the BIA center.

Tartelette aux fraises

Edible work of art

Shalala cakes we made at Chez Bogato. It was a delicious mix of madeleine cake, strawberry, and a light cream similar to the filling of an éclair. This baking class was the prize for the center's "question du jour", (question of the day) raffle that occurs once a week. 

La Boulangerie


Suisse pepite de chocolat a.k.a. a longer, flatter pain au chocolat with more chocolate

An entire basket filled with my favorite food: pain au chocolat

Freshly baked pain au chocolat, my breakfast every other day

Chou, French cream puffs, from the award winning La Maison du Chou. They fill them up with whatever flavor you choose just at you order them.

Tarte aux pommes from Poilane. It's amazing. The apples are always sweet and the crust is perfectly flaky and crisp but chewy on the inside and the whole thing is topped with sugar. C'est très bon.

In a competition with all the baguette's of France, La Parisienne's baguette won first place and was named Le Meilleur Baguette of 2016. 

Macarons are a must in Paris, whether they are from Lauderée, Pierre Hermé, or a random pâtisserie down the street.

Le Dîner


A crèpe is also a go-to snack. You can top it with caramel, honey, speculoos, and other jams. I love having a savory crèpe with egg, potatoes, bacon (there are many other options) followed by a light crepe with honey for dessert.

French lava cake with a side of ice cream and almond slices

Cheesecake, lighter and less sweet than the one's from The Cheesecake Factory, with a red berry drizzle.

Ice cream sitting on a raspberry jam and topped with chopped nuts.

Red berry cheesecake. Yum

Amorino's classic cone with a flower shaped arrangement of fruit-flavored gelato. You can choose as many flavors as you want!

Bon apétite,


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