Spring Break!

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Grace Wolf
April 9, 2024

For spring break, some of my friends in my program and I went to France and Monaco! 


The first night, we flew into Nice, the larger airport in the area. We went to an incredible Vietnamese restaurant downtown, and walked near the waterfront which was all lit up with restaurants! 


The next day, we took the train to Marseille for the first leg of our trip. It was warm and sunny when we were there, and we found a beach to relax in the sun inside of the Parc national des Calanques. The food we found by the water was delicious, and it was a perfect relaxing first day. 


In the afternoon and evening, we went to a restaurant that was circus themed! It was so cool inside, and we had just as much fun exploring the place as we did eating. 


The next day, we toured the Palais Longchamp and went to see the artwork downtown. We also walked around the port area, which is beautiful and has lots of shops and places to eat. From there we took the bus to the Notre Dame de la Garde, the highest place in Marseille, to look out at the water. The coast was beautiful!


Our next stop was in Nice. We went to a park with a gorgeous waterfall called the Cascade de Gairaut, and walked around near the shore. The flowers were also blooming everywhere, so the walk along the shore and park were incredibly colorful. 


We spent time shopping at the large indoor mall as well, and made a family-style dinner in our air bnb for Easter Sunday. 


Our day trip from Nice was to Monte-Carlo, Monaco, which we took a short train to. We walked around the Formula One track on the starting line as well as the sharpest turn of the Monaco race. We also walked around the famous casino area and toured the areas that were open to the public. 


I’ve attached some photos from our awesome spring break trip! 

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