San Gimignano–some of the best food

Gabrielle Lubin
June 24, 2013

Today, a few of us ventured to San Gimignano, a small touristy medieval town only a little over an hour from Siena. After a great night at Siena’s Notte Bianca, we were ready for some beautiful views, delicious food, and good shopping. That is exactly what we got.

We wandered the streets of the town looking for a non-touristy place to eat at. This became difficult since nearly the whole town is run for tourists with few side streets. However, when we got to the end of the main street, we turned off and found this small pizza place. The place we decided on had only two other people inside and one woman as the waiter, chef, and cashier. It could either be deserted due to the fact that it wasn’t very good or it was a great find. For 5 euros, I had one of the best pizzas I’ve had thus far in my adventures in Italy (including my trip to Rome this past spring). Why was it so good? Well, as a lactose intolerant, it was heaven. Earlier this week, we learned from our “History and Culture of Food in Italy and Tuscany” teacher that Pecorino cheese is made from sheep’s milk. As I have discovered, there is a lot of mozzarella in Siena with little goat cheese. However, Pecorino is one of Tuscany’s specialties, which means that this cheese is all over Tuscany!

With this in mind, I asked the woman at the restaurant if she could add Pecorino to my pizza. And she could! This was the only real pizza with cheese I had eaten in the last 12 years, other than the sub-par soy cheese pizza at Leona’s in Chicago. It was absolutely delicious. I absolutely cannot wait to ask more pizza places for this common yet delicious cheese.

Afterwards, we walked around the fort to find some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. I have been to some countrysides and have been living in Maine now for three years, but the countryside of Italy and particularly Tuscany is absolutely the most beautiful. There are rolling hills of various colors and textures that span as far as you can see. It is incredible.

To add on to this amazing day, we stopped at Gelateria di Piazza which is known for their world famous gelato. With no line at 5pm, we walked right up to the small yet still busy shop. The rather chaotic scene demanded that you get the attention of the scooper’s after looking at the numerous flavors (via the glass containing the gelato and/or the menu displayed on a TV screen) and order. For me, the process of getting gelato has the added anticipation of even being able to eat it since many places do not have sorbet. However, I was happily surprised that all of their fruit flavors were sorbet except lemon and coconut. With at least 10 to 12 choices (as Gelato Fiasco always allows me in Maine), I got passion fruit, raspberry, and pink grapefruit mixed with sparkling wine. It was absolutely wonderful. This is exactly what I want in gelato every time I get it. It wasn’t even that expensive. All three flavors were rich and of the perfect consistency (not icy and not too thick). This gelato rivals my favorite, Gelato Fiasco, in Maine, as it should being named one of the best gelateria’s in the world.

After some more views and shopping around the area, all of us decided we had had a wonderful day in San Gimignano. I cannot wait to come back again! For now, I can enjoy tomorrow with a beach day!

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