Touchdown Tokyo

Libby Deasy
October 3, 2016

As our journey through Asia continued, Natasha and I continued to make our way to Tokyo, Japan. From Singapore, we took a 7-hour flight directly to Tokyo. Once we landed, we grabbed our bags and headed out to find a cab.


Since we were so exhausted, we decided to take a taxi cab instead of the bus. If you ever travel to Japan, learn from our mistake and DEFINITLEY DO NOT take a cab. The cab ride to our hotel ended up being $500 American USD! After trying to bargain with the cab driver, we realized that there was no getting around the price of $500.


Although this was extremely disappointing and a huge waste of money, we were not going to let this ruin our experience in Tokyo. Once we checked in to our hotel, The Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier, Natasha and I headed out to explore the city. We first headed to the legendary department store Mitsukoshi. This is the coolest department store we have ever been to because it literally has everything you can imagine. From sushi restaurants to homemade wooden combs, this department store has it all.

After we finished shopping, we headed out back into the city to get dinner. Since we were going to a Robot Show in Shinjuku, we decided to get dinner around there. Although I can’t remember the exact name of the restaurant, there are hundreds that you can choose from. Once we finished dinner, we headed out to an entertainment show in a Robot Restaurant.

This robot show in the Robot Restaurant is something that I can’t even put into words. It was easily the most interesting and fun part of our trip in Tokyo. If you can imagine a video game in real life, that is exactly what it is. From people dressed as monkeys riding cows to black light dancers, this show really captured our attention. Although I’m not doing the best job describing it, I’m sure you can get a sense of what it is from my pictures. If you ever go to Tokyo, I would highly recommend spending a night at the infamous Robot Restaurant.

For the next day, Natasha and I scheduled a walking tour to see every part of the city. We started off in Asakusa at the Senso-Ji temple. This temple was so beautiful and definitely gave us a feel for the religion and culture associated with Tokyo. After seeing a couple shrines and temples around Senso-Ji, we headed to the famous Shibuya shopping district. This area is popular among teenagers and young adults so of course we absolutely loved it. It was very cool to see people our own age in a completely different culture and environment.

Overall, Natasha and I both fell in love with Tokyo. This is definitely one of the coolest cities we’ve been to because it is something completely different from everywhere else in the world. If you ever get the chance to visit, I would highly recommend it. As always, if you have any questions at all or are planning to visit Tokyo soon, please feel free to contact me with any questions! 

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