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Nov 28 3:07pm

New City, New Independence

This blog is about how I dealt with coming to London and how I have seen my confidence grow while being here. Also, I wanted to include examples of how I have been able to keep myself out of my comfort zone.

Nov 28 12:17pm

Thoughts on Remembering Time Abroad

Post by Kat Peterson

There are so many ways to remember your time abroad. After listening to filmmaker Abid Khan's talk at our IES office, I started to reflect on how I want to remember my time here in Granada. Each person is different, but I have decided that writing, storytelling, and movement are how my memory of Granada will live on. :)

Nov 28 8:47am

Mixed Feelings and Bittersweet Moments: Leaving Madrid

Post by Audrey Glas

Going abroad involves a lot of personal change which doesn’t come without some emotional evolution. Before I came to Spain, when people asked me how I was, my answer was, 

Nov 27 11:12am

Interning Abroad

One of the determining factors as to why I chose to study abroad with IES Abroad, as opposed to the hundreds of other options that are offered, was the opportunity to have a part time internship, along with my academic classes.

Nov 23 12:33pm

Dublin Against the Grain

Post by Wade Suarez

When I have not been stumbling, um, frolicking through Irish fields, meeting people from six feet away, or sipping tea on my rooftop, I have been learning to look. 

Nov 22 2:20pm

Our Correspondents Share Their Gratitude For IES Abroad Faculty and Staff

Post by IES Abroad

Our Fall Correspondents wanted to take a moment and give thanks for the amazing people who have helped make their study abroad dreams a reality.