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Dorianne Ma
June 23, 2015
After Class with Friends

There was definitely some difficulty in deciding what we wanted to do for this week because we mostly had outdoor activities planned and it rained pretty much all week. We really were not prepared for the cold even though we knew it was winter here. That's probably a point that I would stress a ton... it is winter. While it isn't extremely cold, it is chilly in the houses and in the morning on the walk to class.


Still though! It is really, really pretty and we've been able to do some really cool things.

During class, we went to the Convict Barracks next to Hyde Park which was really cool because we got to see how the building had transformed during different time periods. So first, it was convict barracks, then it became an asylum for women who were older or who had been orphaned, and then it became a government building for the judiciary so they've kept certain floors that show what the building looked like during the different times of its use.

(Convict Barrack Hammocks)

These hammocks honestly were pretty comfortable, but I didn't have to live there so I guess I can't really be a judge.

Class itself isn't bad. Both the teachers are super nice and class actually flies pretty quickly. We also get quite a bit of time off class, like we're off on Fridays and class usually ends around 1 or 2 so we have time for activities after.

(Alley by the Classroom)

We went to the aquarium after class on a Wednesday and it was cool because we were like on a boat and like walked around on different floating boats and that was what the aquarium was made of.


(We picked up children's hats because we're American and also children)

(Penguin Tank!)

The aquarium was a really great rainy day activity because it was indoors and super close to where we have class. We wandered around it for hours and basically just stared at sharks and dugongs and tropical fish and penguins and cute little seahorses and so many more. By the time we left the aquarium, the sun was starting to set and it was an awesome kind of light for pictures.

(Harbor Sunset)

The sun was setting, but it had just rained and was still cloudy so it had a really cool contrast of weather and light.

The sunsets and the sky here in general have been absolutely amazing. I have no idea what it is that makes everything look so amazing but Sydney's skies are absolutely gorgeous. The weather cleared up a couple days though and we fully took advantage of those days.

(Sydney Harbor Bridge at Sunset)

(Sydney Opera House, Up Close and Personal)

(Paddy's Market)

When the weather is nice here, it is really nice. The markets were super fun, we went to two of them on Saturday and we got some really cool paintings and souvenirs. Paddington Market is awesome. It's full of amazing food, cute little tents, and had some really cool paintings and jewelry. Paddy's market was perfect for like stereotypical souvenirs like flags, or boomerangs, and there were even some pretty cool fake license plates to hang on the wall. So I got basically all my souvenir shopping done in this one day. It was a productive day and I got to pretend to be more like a local for a day. 

I am absolutely loving my time here and am already so sad about having to leave even though it's so far away. I am so excited to go to Melbourne this weekend and to explore more of Sydney. I know I have less and less time here so as more time passes, I'm trying to cram more and more activities in. Cannot wait to find out more about this awesome country!

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